Dear Fellow White People: Go See “Black Panther”

Were you not entertained? OMG YES CHADWICK I WAS

Here are the reasons #AllWhitePeople need to see this movie.

White identity has its own characteristics, its own values, and thinking of ourselves as aracial is, paradoxically, the essence of white identity.


Note: There have been plenty of movies, especially in the last ten years, which feature multiple black actors (The Help, Straight Outta Compton, Selma, Hidden Figures etc). But they all feature black folks who are fighting white oppression-- they’re black folks living in a white world. The world of Panther, however, is unapologetically, gloriously black. Wakandans don’t give a crap about what white folks are doing, and that’s what bothers some of us.

[Interestingly, white men regularly kill students, church- and concertgoers with automatic and semiautomatic weaponry, but for SOME reason, no one ever proposes that all white people should be denied access to schools, churches, movie theaters or concerts, much less that none of us deserve safety, compassion or care. Or even maybe that we shouldn’t have access to military-grade guns. Huh.]

Ay gurl. Lemme lean atcha.

Black people as people, and not “black,” are not something white people are used to seeing.

Are we here to look good, or kick ass? How bout you just stand there, and we’ll show you.

Go spend your white money on a film featuring black actors. Don’t sit around and cry with other white people about how you “just don’t understand.”

It will make you feel things you have never felt before.

Post Script: I’ve disabled responses to this story because they’re almost all from angry white people and it’s LITERALLY nothing original. If you’re white and mad at me and people like me, write your own article, do your own research, and see what people say to you, if it’s that important. Make a thing, instead of telling other people not to make things.

Or, go see a movie. I have a great suggestion for you….



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